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Property Management Promo Items

How Property Management Companies Use Promotional Products

Hey there! Are you curious to know how property management companies use promotional products? I’m here to tell you how Sandco Properties in Tacoma, WA uses promo products. 

Promotional products are an excellent way for a property management company like Sandco to increase its brand recognition and marketing potential. Sandco uses printed t-shirts, hoodies, and mugs when finding new tenants or getting existing tenants more engaged with the services they offer. So, let’s dive in and examine some of the ways Sandco uses promotional products.

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Your property management company should use promo items like Sandco Properties

Giving Away Promotional Items

Sandco gives away valuable items like pens, hoodies, and t-shirts with its logo to potential customers to create brand recognition. Sandco gives these out or places them in goodie bags that renters receive when they sign up to receive more info on Sandco.

The office manager, Michelle, at Sandco uses them to build relationships with current and prospective clients in Tacoma. Furthermore, clients will often remember a property management company if it is high quality and memorable. Finally, giving out promotional items is an effective form of marketing because it increases the visibility of Sandco Property Management around Tacoma and Pierce County.

A property management company can use coffee mugs from Northwest Custom Apparel as an effective promotional tool. The mugs come in several sizes and are made of porcelain with a C Handle. We recommend a one-color print of your logo on the outside for a classic, professional look. The 12 oz white mug is the most popular in Seattle, but if you need more options, plenty of other promotional products are available. Using coffee mugs from Northwest Custom Apparel is an excellent way to promote your brand and increase your presence in the local community.

Using Embroidered Hoodies As Marketing

Custom embroidered hoodies with your property management company’s logo are perfect for your employees. Sandco gives out hoodies throughout the year to their staff. Most recently, they celebrated the 4th of July with a red, white, and blue logo with their logo inside the state of Washington. 

Northwest Custom Apparel recommends a lightweight hoodie with a 50/50 blend fabric. The most popular hoodie for property management companies is the Port Authority PC90H, durable for Seattle’s cool winter days. Northwest Custom Apparel recommends choosing a hoodie that is at least 9 oz that is warm. 

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Hoodies are ideal for Property Management companies in Washington State


In conclusion, property management companies can benefit from Sandco Properties’ marketing ideas. Furthermore, mugs, flash drives, and Yeti Coolers are excellent choices for property management companies. Northwest Custom Apparel is Sandco’s supplier of promo items, custom embroidery, screen print, and DTG printing. If you are another property management company needing help with promo items, don’t hesitate to contact Northwest Custom Apparel.

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