Referral Sender Episode 1 with Ken Luce of Luce and Associates


Ken Luce is our 1st guest to the Referral Sender Show. Ken is the owner of Luce & Associates Law Firm in Fife, WA. Ken is a 70 plus year resident and business owner in Fife. Ken has a numerous amount of achievements throughout his 55 years as an attorney. Ken graduated Fife High School in 1957 and then graduated with a law degree from Willamette University in 1967. Ken is a member of the American Bar Association since 1967. His community involvement involves the Washington State Youth Academy which helps troubled kids graduate from high school. Ken is the President of the Sgt. Patrick Gass, AUSA chapter and helps Ranger family’s out when their husbands are deployed overseas. Some prior affiliations are Municipal Court Judge for the City of Fife along with Fife’s City Prosecutor. Ken Bines and Erik Mickelson welcome Ken Luce to our inaugural Referral Sender Show. Sit back and watch the 30 minute entertaining interview with Mr. Ken Luce.

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