Reasons Why Rope Caps Are Making Seattle Companies Look Great

City of Seattle and 2 Rope Caps

Rope Caps Are surging with Young Professionals.

Young corporate professionals in Seattle love rope caps. Golfers wore these hats in the 1970s and are coming back into style. Rope caps are sold at the Space Needle, gift shops, and breweries. Elysian brewing in Georgetown has them for sale in their tasting room. Ski slopes, skate parks, and Mt. Rainier are popular places to see these caps.  

Microsoft’s Corporate Apparel

I visited the Microsoft campus a few weeks ago. Employees were wearing corporate apparel around the campus. Microsoft’s techies wear caps for ID and security. Techies love caps and jackets. Because the server rooms are kept cool, beanies and sweatshirts are a good choice.

Spacecraft rope hats
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Employees love trendy Uniforms.

Company uniforms boost employee morale. Additionally, employees should like golf caps and jackets. Above all, great bosses will know they picked the right apparel when they see their staff proudly wearing the company’s golf caps in and out of the workplace.

Adding a Rope to a Cap’s Brim Reduced Import Duties

During the 1980s, baseball cap import duties were expensive. A cap with a decorative rope on the brim removed the import duty. However, the braid didn’t look good on a baseball cap. The solution was to loosely sew it on the cap so it could be easily removed. As fashion evolved, braid popularity soared. Making the rope cap popular with golfers.

Golf Caps Were made famous by Rodney Dangerfield.

The golf cap was made famous when Rodney Dangerfield, in the movie Caddyshack, wore it playing on a golf course. The scene of Rodney in the pro shop buying his same cap for one of the caddies was hilarious. Caddyshack spurred the great golf hat craze during the 1980s.

Pricing Discounts and Low Minimum Cap Orders

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Youg Seattle Professionals Choose Spacecraft Headwear for Corporate Uniforms

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