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Running Promotions & Branding on Social Media


Running Social Promotions

Social-Media-for-event-plannersUse trending topics to promote your brand: Take advantage of trending topics on Twitter to create promotions and campaigns around them!

Avoid spam such as asking someone to share a post for a prize: Probably the most common fail on Facebook, asking people to share a post if they want to join a competition. Just don’t do it, it’s not only 100% spam, it also goes against Facebook’s rules.

Create unique promotions for each of your Social Media channels: This is proven to work for us here at Printsome. If you have various social media profiles, then you need to understand that each one of them works differently. Adapt your content and promotions accordingly.

Use specific apps to run promotions on Facebook (heyo, shortstack): If you’re thinking about  running your own contests and promotions, then I would recommend you use a tool that’s exclusively designed to run this sort of campaigns.

Encourage UGC (User Generated Content): Most commonly, UGC are pictures taken by followers, but other types include reviews and videos. Ask them to submit content in exchange for something, that could be a prize or a simple recognition. You need to engage with your community!

Branding on Social Media

brandingSpread your brand identity all over the net (forums and platforms included): Social Media is not just Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Find forums, websites and pretty much any other place/community that talks to your target. Get involved.

Be transparent with every single customer: Reply to everyone, be honest. You will mess up (we all do), and when you do, own up to it and start mending.

Check online reviews constantly: And I mean not only the good ones. It’s completely natural to get bad reviews. What you need to do here is find a way to compensate those customers who are disappointed. How about offering a discount?

Share your employees’ pics with your followers: People love to see the human side of companies because at the end of the day, we deal with people, not brands. Why don’t you go the extra mile and introduce your employees to your online community?

Find influencers to promote your brand: You just launched a new brand and now you need to build a reputation. Influencers are great for that. Try to find those who talk to your target audience and ask them to test and review your product or service.


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