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Safety apparel laws in Washington State are different from your regular custom logoed apparel. It has to be rugged, highly visible, and legal in Washington State. First, OSHA’s safety colors for shirts are three acceptable colors and must pass muster. Brightly colored safety Orange, Yellow, or Green are the only colors you can use. On the other hand, safety orange embroidered baseball caps are limited. Workers should wear a safety helmet on a construction site.

All apparel should have reflective striping to increase visibility.

Safety bomber jacket reflective
Safety Reflective Jacket

Safety apparel laws in Washington State are generally required and noted in all government contracts. Northwest Custom Apparel complies with associations that write the standards for safety gear. (ISEA is the International Safety Equipment Association, and ANSI is the American National Standards Institute). OSHA is the government agency that will visit Seattle and Tacoma job sites and verify that the project complies. Above all, failure to adhere to set standards can mean heavy fines.

Northwest Custom Apparel represents Port Authority safety apparel. Furthermore, Northwest Custom Apparel’s partnership with Port Authority dates back to 1977 in Seattle. The original name for Northwest Custom Apparel was Northwest Embroidery. We wanted to accommodate Seattle’s construction companies’ interests in custom safety apparel. Equally important, Port Authority safety jackets, t-shirts, and vests meet standards set by accrediting organizations.

High Visibility Safety Apparel

ANSI (American National Standard) classification of ANSI/ISEA 107-2010 sets the standard for flame-resistant (FR) apparel wear. Conversely, all safety wear isn’t flame resistant. However, if the label (ANSI 107) is in the garment, it is flame resistant.

orange hi vis tshirt
Hi-Vis T-Shirts with a 1 color Heat Transfer on Back

Why a specific label

Each piece of safety apparel must have a tag on the collar, which shows that the garment was manufactured according to National Standards.

Equally important, the label eliminates confusion about whether a piece is flame resistant.  Conversely, safety apparel made with polyester is not flame resistant. Furthermore, it will melt when coming into contact with an igniter. Above all, Seattle electricians working on high-voltage lines need safety. Equally important, safety gear can’t ignite when working close to a high-voltage line. How many dead squirrels and birds get caught up on power lines?

safety orange tshirt
Men’s Safety Orange T-Shirt with a 1 color black print

Custom Safety Gear Store Near Seattle

Since 1977, Northwest Custom Apparel has been Seattle’s supplier of custom printed safety gear. Safety vests with company logos are available to screen print or heat transfer. Safety green t-shirts are our best sellers and are available with a custom printed company logo. Uniquely, big-sized safety green t-shirts come in sizes up to 5XL. Furthermore, don’t hesitate to contact us for your FREE safety consulting custom apparel through our customer service team at 1-800-851-3671.

Directions to Northwest Custom Apparel from Kent

  • Get on WA-167 S from 4th Ave N and Willis St
  • Continue on WA-167 to Federal Way. Take the exit toward Tacoma from WA-18 W
  • Take Milton Rd S, 5th and Fife Way
  • Arrive at 2025 Freeman Road East Milton, WA 98354
  • Finally, the safety apparel showroom and office is the 2nd building on your left

Screen Printing an Orange Safety Stripe T-Shirt

Screen Printing Safety Long Sleeve T-Shirt
Screen Printing Press printing a long sleeve safety orange T-Shirt

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Showroom with Safety Apparel

Hi-Vis T-Shirt Educational Video

Jim Mickelson, Owner of Northwest Custom Apparel, Talks Hi Viz

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