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The Science behind the Personality Quiz


Luckily personality tests have evolved and nowadays we have much more sophisticated (and safer) tools. Kidding aside, our complex personalities have fascinated us for a long time. Way before Carl Jung wondered why we act the way we do, Aristotle and Plato were already classifying their peers into kinds of temperaments.

‘Holland Codes’, a test developed by American psychologist John L. Holland during the 50’s as a way to help people choose a profession.

According to Holland, the six types are as follow:

Lavater-personality-quizRealistic or Doers

These are people who are practical, stable and like manual labor. Doers enjoy working with tools and in the open air. They perceive the world through their senses meaning they feel more comfortable with what they can see and touch rather than with abstract ideas or theories.

Investigative or Thinkers

Unlike the Doers, Thinkers feel more at ease with the world of ideas, research and possibilities. These are the scientists, philosophers and writers of the world. As they tend to be introspective, they prefer to be alone. Teamwork is not necessary for them and might sometimes even be a hindrance.

sporty-t-shirtArtistic or Creators

As the name suggests, Creators are most likely to find success using their imagination and creativity. Typical jobs for them are: designer, decorator, painter, and sculptor. Artistic types tend to be sensitive, authentic and nonconformist. The world would be a lot less fun without them.

Social or Helpers

If you’re a Helper then you most likely work in close proximity with other people. Many tend to think that they are extroverted beings who enjoy being surrounded by close ones all the time, but this is not necessarily true. Social types can be very introverted and have a handful of friends. What truly defines them is the genuine and deep interest for the well being of other people. Thanks to their empathetic abilities they are well suited for careers like nursing, teaching and counseling.

plain-t-shirtEnterprising or Persuaders

Persuaders are the politicians, CEO’s and entrepreneurs of our society. They are ambitious and always have on their mind the path of how to reach their goal. Being leaders by nature, enterprising types are able to manage teams and are good at spotting the talent in others.

Conventional or Organizers

Conventional types have an inborn talent for keeping tabs on things. They are the fact checkers, the accountants and the cashiers of the team. The office would be a messier place without them. Organizers might be interested in careers in the financial, mathematical or administrative fields.


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