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The Hidden Agenda of Seattle’s Custom T-Shirt 24-Hour T-Shirt Service

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24-hour delivery on T-Shirts in Seattle

Make custom T-shirts in Seattle with the highest quality DTG printing & customer service. Deliver your custom t-shirts within 24 hours. Buy locally in Seattle, and do not worry about out-of-state custom t-shirt DTG companies like Custom Ink and Big Frog.

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Seattle Custom T-Shirts Since 1977

We have a standard custom t-shirt workflow, and it works pretty well.

The first thing we always ask for is good clear art. We prefer Corel Draw or Adobe illustrator quality. We can accept 300 dpi artwork. Anything less than 300 dpi will not give us a quality DTG print on a custom t-shirt.

Seattle Custom T-Shirts with a full-color logo are no problem with direct-to-garment printing.

The art department cleans up artwork.

Our Seattle-based art department neatens and completes the DTG custom t-shirt artwork into a raster file using Photoshop. We call this rasterizing. The raster file is sent to our DTG Kornit printers waiting for the custom t-shirts to print. This direct-to-garment design is kept on file, and there is never another setup charge when our customers return for a re-order using direct-to-garment.

Direct-to-Garment Custom T-Shirt Inventory

Our warehouse staff is now in the procedure of pulling the needed direct-to-garment t-shirts from stock. We are now about 3 hours into the DTG technique.

If we don’t have the t-shirts in stock, we can drive less than 10 miles and pull from our supplier’s inventory near Seattle. We are almost next door to the biggest apparel suppliers in the US. SanMar and Alpha Broder are in our backyard.

Once we have the custom t-shirt staged, we are ready to print. The direct-to-garment technique is relatively easy. We call up the direct-t0-garment design on the DTG Kornit printer, review it, and hit print.

DTG Kornit printers print in full high-resolution color


Since the DTG Kornit printers do not require pretreatment. (Our competitors have to have a unique pretreatment procedure before they can print, which is awkward and slow). Hence, Northwest Custom Apparel does not pretreat because it is built into our DTG printers.  Our pretreatment patent-protected approach saves 10 minutes while printing a shirt.  As a result, the design has no screens for each color. The DTG inks contain water and have no petroleum cancer-causing chemicals in the inks.

Once we finish printing the custom t-shirt, we run it through at 290 degrees to set the ink.

Celebrating 45 Years 1977-2022 in 10 with DTG in Seattle

Complete the Order

In conclusion, the final step is to fold, pack and deliver. Therefore, we can deliver to the DTG community in less than 24 hours.

Samples of DTG Custom T-Shirts in Seattle


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