Sell more T-Shirts using this Advanced Strategy

Plenty of t-shirt sites run special offers. Buy three get one free, free shipping of orders totaling a certain amount, percentage off an order and a bunch of others to increase the amount of the purchase. One method that isn’t seen too often is the standard up sell. Many large online retailers use this method successfully, but it appears that most t-shirt sellers have been convinced that the shortest path to checkout is the most successful which it may not always be.

d2g-t-shirtMost customers are creatures of habit and basic human nature is what it is. With this knowledge visitors can be converted into customers. If you monitor your customer’s actions you can identify when a visitor is triggered to get out their credit card, and use that information to develop a strategy to improve your sales efforts. If you understand what triggers create sales you can come up with a plan that will work on a large portion of your buyers.

If you learn to exploit a visitor’s tendencies to develop habits, you have everything you need to create sales that become larger and larger as the person becomes more involved with your site. Obviously, this will sell more shirts and make more profit.

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For a habit to work for you, you need to drive a visitor to complete a purchase. For example, you’ll understand how this works to create larger sales if you’ve ever been to a deli. Say you order up a pound of roast beef, the employee will put more than that amount on the scale, never less. Then they’ll ask you if you want some taken off or if it is okay. Now, most of the time someone will say that the additional roast beef is just fine, not wanting to make a big deal of it. It normally doesn’t stop there, when you are handed the roast beef you are then asked if there is anything else you need. You’ve already committed to a purchase so there is a good chance that you would be inclined to purchase additional items like some cheddar cheese.

The reason this works is because you originally committed to a purchase and asking for additional items is taking advantage of the habit you’ve already exhibited. On the outside it may just seem like a little additional money here and there, But if it done to every single customer that is encountered, it can multiply into a significant amount.