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How to set up your very first (successful) Pop-Up shop


Pop-up-store 4Marketing

In order to properly market a Pop-Up shop, you’ll need a mix of both online and offline marketing. Online will allow you to tease your audience and let them know of what’s coming, while offline will keep your target audience engaged once you’ve set up the shop.

Social Media: there are many things you can do through your social network outlets to promote your Pop-Up shop. Run a contest, give your followers a special preview, create teaser videos, share the progress of building your very first Pop-Up shop, and more.

Don’t be satisfied with just a launch party: Plan events to be hosted at your Pop-Up shop. Do discounts, plan a mojitos night, get a band to give an acoustic concert. Give people a reason to go back to your Pop-Up shop.

Pop-up-store 5Find a place

Location, location, location – the right place could make the difference between a successful Pop-Up Shop and an unsuccessful one.

Do some research around the neighborhood. Have there been other Pop-Up shops before yours? Have they been successful? Is there enough traffic on the streets? Are people there going to be interested in what you’re selling?

Use online tools. Websites like The Store Front can help you find the perfect location for your Pop-Up shop without too much hassle.

Make sure it’s got everything you need. Does it have space in the back for stock? Will everyone fit? Does it come with Wi-Fi? Is the lighting good enough? These questions and more you’ll need to ask yourself before committing to a venue.

Pop-up-store 6Plan the logistics

Sit down and organize a calendar for your Pop-Up shop. How long will it take to get the venue ready? Do you need to paint walls and set up the Wi-Fi? How long will it take to transport all of your products and organize them in an attractive way? Getting your timings right will make the process much easier.


Visual merchandising. Simply put, this is how your customers will navigate through your store. Visual merchandising can be a science in itself that some people spend good money to study, but you can learn the basics and how to apply them to your shop:

  • Leave enough space for people to browse and navigate
  • Make a great first impression by designing a great entrance
  • Give importance to your best-sellers.

Signage. Keep it simple and attractive. Make it clear this is a Pop-Up shop. Your customers need to understand you’ll be gone in a short while to create a sense of urgency. Don’t be afraid to spend money on a graphic designer, a good communication will go a long way.


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