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Simple Ways to Create a powerful Event Experience


experiential-eventsRent a selfie booth

Depending on how casual your event is, you could have a box full of props to encourage people to join in the fun and get snap-happy. Silly moustaches, wigs and glasses are usually a hit. You could also make speech bubbles, or even signs that feature a hashtag for your event if you have one. You could either let attendees take home a strip of photos themselves, or post the pictures online later on.

Tell stories, don’t do pitches

Nobody likes being stuck in a room full of endless sales pitches. When giving a talk, the last thing you want is for people to get bored and start wishing they had stayed at home binge-watching Stranger Things instead. Simply put: don’t pitch. Nobody likes it. Instead, try to tell your audience stories. They’re also more likely to remember your product or point if you tell them a story about it, rather than just pitching it to them.

how-to-organise-experiential-eventsOffer healthy catering

Lots of people will appreciate being offered a healthy option when it comes to catering. All too often, you go to an event and there’s nothing but greasy finger food on offer. Which can be delicious — who can say no to pizza? Of course, there is also nothing wrong with the aforementioned good pizza. But lots of your guests will enjoy at least having the option to go for a nice salad.

Rent drones to make amazing visuals

Drones can capture some seriously incredible images that the human eye just doesn’t get a chance to see. Make sure you’re actually legally allowed to use a drone at the venue you have in mind. Some places have fairly strict laws regarding when and where you can use drones, so to avoid any nasty surprises check it out beforehand.

how-to-organise-experiential-events-1Plan some fun activities

Scheduling in some downtime is especially good at long events where attendees are going to be sitting for lengthy stretches of time. If you can make that downtime fun, then that’s even better! There are lots of small, fun activities you can organize ahead of time that attendees will enjoy. A quick scavenger hunt can be a great way to get guests moving and chatting with new people. You could also try icebreaking games of all kinds so that people get talking.

Pinpoint exactly what it is you want your guests to take home from the event

Nailing down exactly who you’re hoping to reach and what you want them to hear is a crucial part of pulling off any event. Really think about who you want to come and what you hope they get out of it. Once you’ve got a specific plan, it’ll be easier to laser-focus your ideas and activities to give attendees exactly what you’re hoping they’ll take home with them.


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