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Simple Ways to Dress up Your T-shirt- Unisex


T-shirts tend to be overhyped and for good reason, they’re the most comfortable and versatile item in your wardrobe. It’s also probably the only clothing item that’s loved by both fashionistas and slobs at the same time. For most people, getting a chance to wear them means that the weekend has arrived, but custom t-shirts can be so much more than just an off day garment.

tshirt with blazerWear it with a blazer

Nothing says ready to work (or party) like a t-shirt and a blazer jacket. It looks great on men and women and is perfect for both casual offices and dinner parties. Nowadays blazers come in any color, allowing you to choose your favorite. Why does it look good? Because when you pair a t-shirt with a blazer jacket you’re creating a contrast between elegant and casual, and contrasts are always interesting to watch.

Go monochromatic

An easy-going look can be turned into a more elegant one by simply wearing garments of the same or similar hues. Black is the best color for the job since it’s elegant and it compliments every body shape and skin color.

Pair it with leather

Care to look like a bad boy/girl? Then how about if you pair a t-shirt of yours with a nice leather jacket or pair of pants? Current trends like the biker jacket and suede look particularly good when paired with t-shirts.

Tuck it inmen-t-shirt

Tucked in tee (when done well) can elevate an outfit. How do you do it well? All you’ll need is a regular fitting t-shirt of your size (no muscle tee or oversized garment) and a well preserved leather belt.

Wear it with a cardigan

Both cardigans and t-shirts are adaptable garments and when paired together the result can be an effortless classy-but-not-really-trying kind of look. Just remember to never fasten the last button.

Accessorize it with a fancy scarf

Scarves are a great accessory. Not only do they protect our neck during the colder months, but also come in all sorts of shapes, sizes and materials. A good scarf can complement an outfit that may otherwise “lack” something.

Pair it with black

On top of being elegant, it’s slimming! Try pairing up your colored t-shirt with different kinds of black garments (jackets, pants, vests, shoes) and try to see what looks best on your body.


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