Simple Ways for Men to Dress up with T-shirt

tshirt with blazerWear it with a blazer

Nothing says ready to work (or party) like a t-shirt and a blazer jacket. It looks great on men and women and are perfect for both casual offices and dinner parties. Nowadays blazers come in any colour, allowing you to choose your favourite. During the day you can wear any except for black, leave that one for the night time. Why does it look good? Because when you pair a t-shirt with a blazer jacket you’re creating a contrast between elegant and casual, and contrasts are always interesting to watch.

Pair it with dress shoes

The right dress shoes can make any outfit go from regular to business. If you’re not a fan of a the wooden soles (they can be uncomfortable) then get a pair of leather brogues with rubber ones. They’ll provide you the comfort of a trainer with the elegance of an oxford shoe.

Wear it with a pair of chinos

Even though the cotton twill trousers are trending right now, there are not new. In fact, they originated in the mid 19th century and were originally created for soldiers in both French and British military. History lesson aside, they’re very versatile and perfect for spring and summer.

t-shirt-mens-summer-outfitWear it with a suit

A look that would make our grandfathers cringe, the suit with a t-shirt can look very smart when pulled off well. Just try to avoid bright colours so you don’t steer into Miami Vice territory.

Wear it with a topcoat

In a similar fashion to suits, topcoats paired with t-shirts are an unlikely, but potentially great combination. Try neutral colours like camel, grey, and black for a more impactful look.

Layer it out with a button-up shirt

Another look straight from the 90’s. Avoid plaid shirts so you don’t end up looking like the vocalist of a grunge band (unless that’s what you’re going for). For a more distinguished look, keep both the tee and the buttoned-up shirt the same colour.