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Simple Ways for Women to Dress up with T-shirt


With-white-t-shirt-black-skinny-pants-neutral-boots-and-statement-necklaceAccessorize it with chunky jewelry

Also called statement jewelry it’s just that, a piece of jewelry that’s so loud it creates a statement. Since they tend to be so lavish, you’ll only need one, a necklace or a bracelet. The right piece can turn an otherwise boring ensemble into a memorable one.

Wear it with heels

Not everyone is a fan of the high heels and for good reason, still there is no denying that a pair of stilettos can stylize any outfit. Try a pair of colorful pumps if you’re dressed in neutral colors.

Wear it with a pencil/midi/maxi skirt

Each one of these types of skirts will create a different effect. Pencil skirts are like blazers, in the sense that it creates a casual Friday type of vibe. Midi skirts (below the knee, but above the ankles) are trending right now, can look particularly chick with a plain t-shirt. Maxi skirts are for the bohemian at heart, when you pair them with t-shirts the result is a perfect weekend look.

pantsWear it with a pair of high-waisted pants

They’re flattering to most women’s bodies and hopefully won’t go anywhere soon. If you decide to go with high-waisted pants, try also tip #4 and tuck the garment in for a smart look.

Layer it with a spaghetti Strap Dress

Very 90’s! It is easy to pull off and the end result is that effortless chicness we so often try to emulate, but seldom achieve.

Accessorize it with a fancy bag or clutch

As with statement jewelry, the right bag or clutch will turn an outfit upside down (in the right way). If you only have enough money to invest in one piece, this should be it.

Use a belt to accentuate your waist

Works mostly with oversized tees. A thin belt around your waist can turn any t-shirt into a mini dress.


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