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Small yet effective mediums of Advertising


Vehicle-GraphicsVehicle Graphics

Vehicle graphics is one of the effective means if your company has its own vehicles. When parked in a visible location and when on the road, thousands of people will see the vehicle ‘s graphics, making it an afford able means of advertising, especially on a per-impression basis. Where your staff–especially sales people–are on board and cooperative about putting magnetic(removable) signs on their cars and truck, you can multiply the advertising impressions your company can generate around the community.


As a form of advertising, it does have its advantages. Its greatest effectiveness as a proactive advertising medium in this business as being limited to making appointments, not selling orders, over the phone. None the less many companies in this industry have become successful thanks to sales people using telemarketing for opening doors and closing sales. Few people,however, like to do telemarketing, and even fewer are skilled at it. There are professional telemarketing firms, however, throughout the U.S. and Canada that you can engage to make appointments for outside salespeople.


Promotional Products

They’re effective and appreciated as thank-you’s and goodwill gifts. But as an advertising medium, they’re most effective when used in the context of a campaign conducted directly by your salespeople or in conjunction with a directmail program.The addition of a promotional item inserted in a mailer is tantamount to the assurance your mailing will be opened and atleast glanced at.The better the product you give, the better your response will be. A high-quality promotional product(with your advertising imprint on it,of course)placed inside a carton of finished goods or delivered to the decision-maker will remind him that you value his business and do want to be remembered.



Magazines ads can get quite expensive. Find out if there’s a magazine that focuses on your particular industry. If there is one, then the magazine can be very useful because it already focuses on your market and potential customers. Consider placing an ad or writing a short article for the magazine. Contact a reporter to introduce yourself. Reporters are often on the look out for new stories and sources from which to collect quotes.


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