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Standout Properties of DTG Printing Technique


The DTG printing process is quite self-explanatory, basically the ink gets injected directly onto the material. The only difference being that instead of paper a DTG printer works on fabric. DTG stands out from other printing techniques for several reasons:

Unlike other printing techniques that apply ink or vinyl on top of the material, DTG injects color pigments into the fibres. This means that when you touch the finished product you won’t feel a different texture and overtime it won’t fade or tear as easily.

DTG-top-imageEasier to set up

Unlike screen printing, DTG is easier to set up because it requires less steps than the other techniques.

It is expensive

The problem with DTG is that it is insanely expensive. We have to remind ourselves that it is a technology that has been around for barely 10 years and therefore hasn’t had the time to develop that much. As it becomes more specialized, we can expect it to also become more accessible.

dtg-printing-darksGreat for one-off T-shirt printing

As cool and as simple as it sounds, it is not the best for those designers looking to customise T-shirts in bulk. It ends up being a long and tedious process as every single tee takes up various minutes to print there is not very cost effective.

No limits when it comes to coloring

You can print any design that your heart desires thanks to the power to reproduce the full color spectrum with no limitation on the number of tones you can select on a single job.

Intricate designs are welcome

Because it is able to reproduce intricate details, DTG can make some of the highest quality T-shirts out there. It is worth noting though that the higher the quality settings are on the printer then the longer it will take it to produce. It is up to every printer to decide what is the most cost effective ratio between quality and speed.


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