How to Easily Rebrand a Clothing Brand

There are many good reasons to rebrand your clothing brand, and (when planned correctly) it can be a smart move for your business. Still, like we were saying, you don’t want to rush into it. There are lots of steps involved in a successful rebrand, so we’re going to walk you through exactly what you need to do to make sure that your clothing brand rebrand, like, for example, personalized t-shirts, is a successful one.

Rebranding your Clothing Brand

First – think carefully about the reasons to rebrand your clothing brand.

Rebranding for the wrong reasons can mess with your business – which we assume you don’t want! So first of all, have a good think about what your reasons are for rebranding.

Here are some common reasons you might consider a rebrand:

  • You’re not getting to the market you’re after. Are your potential clients not seeing what you have to offer? Or…have they seen it, and they’re just not interested?
  • What you used to stand for isn’t what you stand for today
  • Your competition is growing – successful brands need to evolve and innovate to beat out the competition
  • You want to focus on new products, new services, or new audiences

tropicanaWhat do you need to change for a successful rebrand?

Branding all comes down to your product’s identity. Or, to put it a simpler way, what do people think of when it comes to your brand?

Fresh messaging, a new logo, updated visuals, and new slogans can help customers understand the new message and philosophy behind your brand. Make your new message and new idea clear to your customers. The most important thing here is to make a real change, which should go beyond just the name.

Northwest Custom Apparel Logo
Northwest Custom Apparel Rebranding in 2015 from Northwest Custom Apparel

How to create the right message and target for your new brand

To come up with this new message, ask yourself these questions.:

  • What do you want people to associate with or feel about your brand?
  • What should customers expect from your brand?
  • What sets your brand apart?
  • What problem are you trying to solve for your customers?
  • How has the market for your industry changed since you started? What’s your competition doing?

And the big one – what story do you want to tell? You want your customers to be behind your brand and believe it.

How to design a new logo for a rebrand:

Changing your logo can be a really important step in rebranding, as it lets your customers know what you’re all about.

You could update or expand your color palette, change the visual layout, or go the opposite route and introduce a simpler, streamlined version of your current logo. You’ll probably want to retain some elements of your old logo so your customers will still recognize your brand. For instance, Seattle’s Best Coffee rebranded and introduced a new logo as part of the process. They kept some elements of their old one – like the company name and the color red – but added some new symbols.

Relabeling Garments Will Improve Your Brands Image

  • Get the competitive edge
  • Stand out from your competition

Northwest Custom Apparel Can Create Your New Brand

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