Support the Tacoma Police with T-Shirts and Hoodies at

You can show your support to the Tacoma Police Department features all the Pierce County Law Enforcement and Fire Department t-shirts and hoodies. We are proud to support and give back to the community caring for us. Available now at, I support Tacoma Police Hoodies and T-shirts.

T-Shirts Produced Locally in Milton, WA

Northwest Custom Apparel, a family-owned embroidery shop in Milton, WA, proudly manufactures t-shirts. We started on Jefferson Street in Tacoma, WA, in 1977. The support shirts are for community support only, and in this program, no donations are going back to the Tacoma Police Department, nor does the department endorse the shirts. The shirts are for the community members to wear with pride around town and show how they appreciate the Tacoma Police Department. From time to time, NW Custom Apparel holds fundraisers for the Tacoma Police, and that is when we donate proceeds from shirt and cap sales.