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The Survival Kit for Event Planners


I’m running a conference and don’t know where to even begin!

BusyConf is your solution. Their approach is to focus on the event’s early planning stages, allowing you to have everything in place and ahead of time. Registration and ticketing are part of the solution to ensure you have the turnout your require.

event-planner-survival-kitHow can I plan networking and engagement for my event?

If making new contacts is an important aspect of your event, consider Whova. This platform helps event planners provide attendees with an experience focused on the meetings, workshops and sessions they’re interested in. With Whova, networking begins before your event even does.

I don’t have a social app for my event!

Take a look at AppMyDay. This tool provides a platform for events where planners can create a custom, branded app. You can incorporate the look and feel of your business either as a white label solution or a standalone app. Users get a social stream with posts, chats, and media, while you as organiser get real-time access to analytics. Watch the video to learn more.

How-to-be-the-best-event-plannerHow can I automatize recurring, repetitive tasks?

Before, during or after your event – there are probably countless simple tasks you’ll find yourself doing over and over again. Tweeting blog posts? Adding new attendees to a spreadsheet? Posting photos on Facebook? You can automate all of these and much more with If This Then That, or IFTTT for short. It’s free to use and you’ll probably keep using it, long after your event is over.

I need help with all the organizational work!

Have you buried yourself too deep in excel? Can’t keep track of all the post-its? Is managing all of your speakers, attendees, partners and suppliers overwhelming? Consider Eventbrite. You can use their all-in-one platform to set up, promote and manage every detail of your event.

Social-Media-for-event-plannersI need to find a venue or supplier for my event!

Don’t know where to look for vendors? Look no further than Eventopedia. Think of it as sort of Trip Advisor for the events industry. Event planners use the platform to quickly and efficiently find the most suitable suppliers or venues. Detailed reviews and ratings help you make an informed decision.

How can I get my event on listing sites?

Evvnt is there for event organizers to submit the details of their event to relevant listing sites. You only enter your information once and have their site do the rest. If you’re using Eventbrite, be smart and further automate with their Evvnt integration. There are free and paid plans available for using Evvnt.

I need a powerful platform to manage everything!

Try EventScribe. They aim to be with you every step of the way with fully integrated products. Call for abstracts, data management, apps, microsites, audio recordings, event proceedings, poster galleries are all part of the solution they offer.


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