The T-shirt Community T-shirts

We use everything from logos, to colours, patterns and typography to convey the messages of these influencers in the printed t-shirt world. We hope you like them! This time round we’ve even included a basic package design to really show off the brands.

Logo Teehunter#1 Teehunter

When we conjure up the visual identity for Teehunter, we think about the dominant colors of the brand – black, red and white, as well as some of the textures they use on their website. Since they cover a lot of high quality content on t-shirt graphics and curiosities, we figured that their design would be quite neutral, yet classy, so we’ve gone for a simple black box with a cool patterned t-shirt using the background image from their website.

#2 Teespring

Teespring also work with a lot of categories and designs on their web, focusing on support with crowdfunding and social media to help sell your t-shirt designs. Their overall brand identity is very neutral, with perhaps the most highlighted element being their spring logo illustration, so we’ve taken this and emphasized it to create a fun patterned t-shirt that would look great on anyone.

logo-teespring#3 Spreadshirt

This company provide a platform to enable individuals and companies to design, create and sell their apparel. Their logo was screaming for a cool creative pattern design, with lovely pastel colours to promote their brand and get noticed. More often then not with t-shirt design, simplicity is key!

#4 Threadless

This online community catches the attention of creative with its multiple logo applications and lettering style logo. We decided that a t-shirt for Threadless would be bold, bright and daring. We took advantage of the distinctive CMYK colour coding they use on their twitter account and mobile applications to create this modern print design. We particularly like the subtle hatch pattern they use on their website and adapted it for this creation.

#5 T-shirt Magazine

T-shirt magazine has perhaps the least prominent visual identity of the 5 communities, reminiscent of magazine covers like Time and Life magazine, where red is the dominant colour and a clear emphasis on typography. It seemed to us that it would be most appropriate to promote this brand with type, translating their clear slogan to the chest of this t-shirt design.