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The T-shirts that are changing the World


T-shirts are way more powerful than you think. This post will tell you about people who are changing the

In order to show you the revolutionary power of the T-shirt, we’ve collected some of our favourite examples of revolutionary personalised t-shirts. Some thrive to change complex social problems, while others are simply a creative way to get people involved with important topics. If you use a little bit of creativity, a T-shirt can be way more than just a fashion statement.

mental-health-t-shirtLiving With: T-shirts for mental health

The T-shirts do two things: One, they get conversations started about common mental health issues. And two, they help people dealing with mental health issues to feel empowered and accept themselves. Hopefully, they will go a long way towards changing perceptions of mental health.

$2 from the sale of each garment goes to a nonprofit that helps raise awareness of mental health issues on college campuses in the U.S.

Virtuali-Tee: The Ultimate way to learn about the Human Body

The Virtuali-Tee is one of the coolest uses of new technology we’ve seen lately. It works with special codes that are printed on the T-shirts and unlock a free app when they’re read by a smartphone. Then, a realistic 3D anatomical image of what’s inside the human body is recreated on the device’s screen. The image lets you move around and “look inside” the torso as if you had x-ray vision. It also works with virtual reality headsets so you can really get into it. Pretty amazing stuff, right?

gatsby-t-shirtLitographs: bringing the written word back into fashion

With the rise of mobile phones, e-books, tablets, and more, lots of people are choosing to read on their devices rather than pick up a good old-fashioned book. That’s why Litographs tees was started with the aim of reviving that physical connection readers have with a book — by printing the words of a book on a tee.

Their T-shirt designs are created using the text of a classic work of literature, like Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, On the Origin of Species, and The Great Gatsby. The words are printed over every inch of the shirts, and even though the text is tiny it’s definitely legible.

t-shirt-as-magazineT-Post: the magazine printed on a shirt

Ever wanted to stop and read what somebody’s top says? You’ll probably want to even more if you spot someone wearing a T-Post garments — the world’s first-ever magazine printed on a T-shirt.

Like a physical publication, issues are released monthly. The way they do it is by printing the text on the inside of the piece, and then the outside has a “graphically interpreted print” (sort of like the cover) of what the issue is all about. Topics tend to be part article, part column, and deal with the break-necking pace of modern life.

Up-shirt: T-shirts to reduce waste fabric

Did you know that a factory-made T-shirt can have up to 40% of waste? What that means is that almost half of the resources that go into making a tee are wasted. This includes stuff like cotton, water, transportation costs, factory labour hours, etc… Simply put, there’s a lot of rubbish for so little product.

Instead of just throwing away all that unwanted material, Up-Shirt decided to mass-produce brand-new shirts out of all the leftover stuff. Their tees are so eco-friendly that they reduce each piece’s environmental footprint by 80%!


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