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Tacoma corporate gifting will stoke employees and make you win big.

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Tacoma Gifting Strategies

Corporate gifting in Tacoma, Washington, has existed for 75-plus years in the Puget Sound region. When you think of corporate gifts, you think of the Jelly of the Month Club from the movie “Christmas Vacation,” starring Chevy Chase. However, corporate gift giving is much more to Tacoma businesses than a silly jelly of the month club. Corporate gifts should be unique and thoughtful custom logoed items that the employer provides to the employee as appreciation for a job well down throughout the year.

Embroidered Carhartt Tool Carrying bag , plush blanket and embroidered cap
Carhartt Bags, Jackets, Blankets and Caps

Stop Googling “Top Corporate 2022 Gifts Tacoma”

Many Tacoma human resource managers like to do a quick Google search and find the top corporate gifts for 2022, which works OK but doesn’t add a personal touch to the present. It’s like going to Amazon at the last minute and searching for “gifts my wife would love.” I am sure most men in Tacoma have done that search, and think back to how that worked with your wife. Like your significant other, employees know when you put thought into your gift or did a quick Google search to “check the box” that you got a gift.

Thoughtfulness is the key to stoke employees.

The old saying proverb says, “Good things come to those who wait,” is the exact opposite when it comes to corporate gift giving in Tacoma. The saying should be, “Thoughtful gifts come to those who plan early.” Thoughtful gifts are gifts you plan and think about what your employees would enjoy from you, not a google search. Think about your employee’s tastes in embroidered shirts and caps. Look around the workplace and see what type of ball cap they wear on weekends when they attend their kid’s football games. Many are wearing mesh back trucker games with the football team’s name embroidered on the front of the cap.

Tacoma Embroidered Gifts

Custom Embroidered Hoodies, Custom Caps, and Warm Blankets make employees happy.

Along with hats, they are wearing a custom printed hoodie emblazoned with their favorite Tacoma sporting team or rock band. When in the stands at a baseball game, they probably sit on a plush embroidered blanket with the baseball team’s name brilliantly stitched across it. You need to give these items to your employees with your company’s name embroidered on them. The reason is that you already know the employee loves and will use this item daily. Instead of wearing the football team’s logo, they will grab the hoodie with their business name and rep your company. Remember that employees love their company and want to show the branded design off just like their favorite sports team.

Additional Corporate Gift Recommendations

You need to be different this year when giving out corporate gifts. We’ve scoured Tacoma and Seattle for suppliers to assist us in delivering you the finest corporate gift recommendations trending in the top 10. They are unique, innovative, and clever and will bring enjoyment to employees. Your customers will appreciate receiving these remarkable gifts and make you look like a rock megastar.

Quality Gifts give the Personalized Touch.

For small or large teams of employees, you need to realize that employees are invaluable and are the number 1 asset to the success of your Tacoma business. They come in daily and, with a smile, give their best effort to build your company. Give your employees more than a “Way to go” with corporate gifts that say, “Thank You.”

Stop giving out cheap trinkets and trash like letter openers, coffee mugs, and writing instruments (aka pens). Corporate gifts can be personalized with your company logo and colors, and add a personal thank you below the logo. Tacoma businesses are purchasing embroidered shirts, jackets, and t-shirts that are personalized towards the employee. These embroidered items can be bundled together in gift boxes and gift-wrapped.

Purchase your gifts before it’s too late!

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Northwest Custom Apparel is located in Milton, WA. 10 minutes from Tacoma

Northwest Custom Apparel has been your local Tacoma gift-giving solution since 1977. Northwest Custom Apparel specializes in embroidered items like Carharrt jackets, beanies, New Era Caps, and plush embroidered blankets you see at major sporting events. NW Custom Apparel makes it extremely easy to place your order with a trained customer service staff who will walk you through the process. You can order your Christmas gifts by calling 253-922-5793 or emailing us at [email protected]. You are welcome to stop by our showroom and see all the new items for Christmas 2022.

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We are located north of Tacoma in Milton, WA. Take exit 137 off of I-5 and put this address into your GPS 2025 Freeman Road East Milton, WA 98354.

Looking forward to a tremendous gift-giving season for Tacoma 2022.


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