Team Sponsorships


Team Sponsorships

Team sponsorships are a easy and effective way to promote your business. The cost varies but if you want to get in on the cheap go after the pee wee leagues. We find that sponsoring the adult teams doesn’t get as much play as a team in a kid’s league.

The kids’s leagues generally attract a lot of adults to watch , coach and help with the team. The dads and moms really get involved with the little kids and are ever so appreciative for any sponsorship help they get for their team.

Avoid sponsoring adult teams

The adult teams are just more adult. They want complete uniforms and equipment. League fees are expensive and the exposure is limited. Some leagues restrict decoration on uniforms to name, team name and number.

With the little guys you can have your company name as big as you want it. A big name gets noticed. Your name on a pee wee jersey will help show your company is actively involved in your community. It will show you are actively tied to the community.

Pee wee leagues attract parents

One important point to remember is that the pee wee leagues attract first time participants. You now have the opportunity to attract prospects who are fresh and appreciate of what you are doing for the community. Somehow these prospects feel it is their obligation to support the sponsors who support their kids. Believe me it works.

Deco Source is fortunate that we get good prices on tees and shorts. We pass our good fortune on to the teams we sponsor. We can outfit a team generally for 50% less than other businesses are paying. This gives us the opportunity to get more exposure and bang for our advertising dollar.

Attend team games

One important tip to remember is that if you sponsor a team you have to make a effort to attend a few of their games and net work with the parents. A good idea is to bring some drinks or treats to the game. This will really get you in front of any potential prospect you want to meet.



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