Direct To Garment Printing

Tee shirt printing all colors in design are free


Preferred way to print tee shirts

Direct to garment printing is starting to become the preferred way to print tees. The demand is increasing because the quality is better than traditional screen-printing.NW Custom Apparel to distribute North Face

Traditional screen printing is slow, messy and the inks contain carcinogenic materials that possibly could be harmful to your health.

A few things to think about when considering digital print vs screen printing are:

  • Work flow is computer driven. All we need is good art in an EPS or 300 dpi format and we are ready to go. This makes for unreal deliver schedules.
  • Screen is eliminated and so are screen charges. Can you imagine paying $100.00 set up for a five color screen print? This makes small orders very costly
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  • One time set up charges for Digital are generally less than $40.00 dollars and there are no charges for repeat orders. You can even order a single piece for the customer who forgot to order the correct size.
  • All digital printed garments will have what is referred to as a soft hand. Screen printed inks are very heavy and create a garment whose hand is actually hard. This results in a garment which is uncomfortable for ladies to wear. It rubs their chest the wrong way.
  • Water based inks are environmentally safe. They clean up with mild soap and water. No inspections or reporting required.
  • The new consumer safety act has offered up some rules (which are very difficult to enforce) for screen printed apparel being sold to children under 12 years of age. Water base ink will pass all government standards and regulations.NW Custom Apparel

Fast set up

  • Fast set up with good art means one day delivery for rush orders. Try this on for size with a screen print order. We like to offer in by 10AM we’ll deliver by 5PM. The only company is the Northwest who can offer this is Northwest Custom Apparel.

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