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Tee Shirts Attract Eyeballs


Tee shirts do attract eyeballs.

This is one of the most popular ways to promote a brand and get maximum exposure in your market.

An $8.00 Tee shirt lasts about six months. If the shirt is worn twice a month it will be seen by anywhere from 10 to 200 persons per month and as many as 3,600 impressions in six months. This amounts to a cost per impression of 1 cent to 13.3 cents. This is really a bang for your buck.

Tee shirt quality

There are three choices of fabric when manufacturing a cotton tee shirt.

Ring Spun Cotton

Ring spun cotton is actually cotton which is spun in the manufacturing process to make the fibers longer and softer. It makes them free from the rough texture of raw cotton. The process of cotton lile is ring spun and produces a garment which is very high quality. The best apparel is made with ring spun cotton.

Regular Cotton

This cotton is produced of carding the raw cotton and twisting the fibers in to a yarn. The yarn is then woven into a fabric which a regular cotton material.  This type of cotton is widely used because it costs less to manufacture. It does offer breathability but not the softness of ring spun.

A Industry Staple

Regular is a industry staple and is used in the manufacturer of promotional tees, tees for runs, and give away shirts.

What is the best choice

The best choice is determined by the end use of the tee. If you want a high end tee or golf shirt the best choice is a ring spun cotton. Manufacturers such as Cutter and Buck feature ring spun polo shirts in their product line. Check out their web site and you can see for yourself.

50/50 tees.

This is a mix of polyester thread and cotton thread. Cotton poly shirts are the cheapest on the market and are sold because their low price. These shirts are difficult to print using water based inks. Cotton poly is the choice of events which require a cheap product to hand out. Northwest Custom does not recommend a 50/50 shirt to promote a company brand.


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