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Things that every successful planner should do after an event


Just a moment ago you were making budgets, ordering printed garments and sending out invitations, but in the blink of an eye, everyone has gone home and you’re left with the feeling of something that might have been great – but you’re not sure if it really happened.

What to do once the event is over

employeAsk for people’s opinions

The opinion of the people who participated during the event is very important. If everything went smoothly then you’ll get an ego boost. AND if things didn’t go as planned, as tough as it might be to sometimes hear it, you need to because something can be learned from it. Must events are a mixed bag and you’ll probably get a bit of both either way.


If somebody says something really good, take advantage of it! Ask if they’d mind you using it as a testimonial. You’ve got to strike while the iron is hot and the event is still fresh in their minds. You may ask them to send it to you via email, or to speed things up, just record their endorsement with your smartphone right then and there.

how-to-volunteer-for-eventsShare photos of the event

Got videos or other media of the event? Share them as quickly as possible! The next day, if that’s realistic. People generally love to look at photos, especially if they’re in them. If you can’t get your photographer or editor to send you the entire batch overnight, ask them for a small preview. A handful of images should keep your followers happy until the full thing comes out.

Have a crew meeting

If you’re working with a team, get together after everyone has recovered. Chances are your teammates saw and experienced things you didn’t. Together, you’ll be able to have a better vision of the event as a whole.

BudgetReview all the information

During events we usually collect piles of business cards, flyers and notes among other things. Gather all of the material and review it. What’s worth keeping and what’s not? Prioritise your data.

Analyse your budget

Did you save? Was there anything left over? Did you overspend? Take a look at your budget and where it went. Analysing it will help you prevent future mistakes.

Get in touch

If you’ve prioritised your contacts, now is the time to reach out to them. Don’t wait more than a week. Most people are busy, busy, busy and if you take too long to message them you run the risk of them forgetting you.

Reach out to people on social media

Speaking of social media, just because your event is over, it doesn’t mean you need to stop hashtagging and tweeting. Reach out to people that assisted on your social media channels. Thank them and ask them for feedback. It’s a great chance to create a sense of community and remind attendees of how great your event was.

Send out gifts to special guests and speakers

If you had somebody really important at the event, it’s time to send out gifts or personal thank yous. You may not have gotten around to this in the hectic build up to the event, but you’ll want to get them out there ASAP. A personalised T-shirt can make the perfect gift!

Say thank you

Nobody likes an ungrateful host. Thank everyone from the person who mopped the floors to the biggest influencer. Everyone helped in making your event a success and therefore deserve your gratitude.


Give yourself a pat on the back — you did it! Take some time to relax and recoup. After all, the next project is probably just around the corner…


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