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Things you should know before launch of your clothing line


EVERYONE knows that your launch is maybe the single most important release for your clothing company. You now understand how much money you’ll need to run and start your company, and you now have a kickass website. So what’s next? You need to have some great products for your release. Of course, this whole preparation would take several weeks or maybe months. So here are a few things you should already know about your company before thinking about the launch:

brand-nameWhat is the name of your brand?

Simple enough, a name is very important to a brand, obviously. Coming up with the perfect name takes a lot of thought and time.

What type of clothing company are you?

Are you a streetwear brand? Are you a brand that focuses on simplicity? Do you sell products with zombies and gore on them? Either way, you have to have a clear idea of what category of people you’re catering to. Honestly, it’s difficult to start a brand that has too many focuses.

brand-nameWhat is your target demographic?

It’s kind of hard to have an exact idea, but you should at least have a certain audience in mind. For example, my target demographic is quite broad (around ages 15-30, mostly male), but the point is that you have an idea of what kind of people would wear your clothes. If you think that anyone can wear your clothes, you’re probably wrong. Try imagining Grandma Josephine wearing your punky-graphic shirt, and you probably would think twice.

What is your price range?

It’s a good idea to know what the price ranges of your t-shirts are. If you want to be a “high-end” brand, you have to price your shirts accordingly. If you want to be a very exclusive brand, and want to have high prices, it’s a little bit more of a dilemma. With exclusive brands, you want to have a following before you have high prices. People probably won’t buy your $70 shirts unless they’ve been following you from day one, so keep that in mind.


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