Unlock Your Potential as an IT Thought Leader: 10 Steps

IT Management black t-shirt with a computer board

Who can be a thought leader in your IT Services company? Anyone from the owner to networking techs and service reps can shine if they have a passion for sharing their knowledge. Erik Mickelson, IT and Marketing at Northwest Custom Apparel, explains how you can enhance your thought leaders in your IT company.

10 Steps to Becoming an IT Thought Leader

  1. Let people know who you are: Put your name and a quick bio on your company’s blog instead of using a generic term like “Accounting Department.” This way, potential clients can connect with you and know your IT expertise. Put your logo on a custom tent or awning.
  2. Be consistent: Keep sharing your IT knowledge over time, even if there are other things to do. This will help you become a thought leader gradually.
  3. Know your audience: Make sure you know who you’re writing for, so you can write things they’ll find helpful. Small embroidery shops needing IT services are a perfect topic for a blog.
  4. Have a unique perspective: People will want to hear from you if you have new and exciting ideas, so make sure your thoughts stand out.
  5. Share your ideas beyond your company: Talk to journalists, editors, and others to get your ideas out there. This will also help your company’s website get more traffic.
  6. Keep improving: Keep learning and growing your skills to become the best thought leader you can be in the IT Services industry.
  7. Drop off a promotional item on your next service call. A printed coffee mug, t-shirt, or sticker for a computer screen. 
  8. Dress your techs in custom embroidered t-shirts, caps, and polo shirts. Yes, Northwest Custom Apparel can help you look good. 
  9. Create a quarterly direct mail newsletter. 
  10. Reach out to your clients using bulk email like Mailchimp
Custom Tent for IT Companies
Sponsor a Golf Tourney and have a custom-printed pop tent. You can hand out Swag

IT Thought Leaders Prefer Northwest Custom Apparel

Remember, on your next service call to a local business needing networking, drop off a promo item. Northwest Custom Apparel works with many IT companies in Seattle, like NP Information Systems owned by Vince Preece. The staff at NW Custom apparel has years of experience and will assist you with your custom apparel and promo items.

IT Management T-Shirt Ideas

What a great way to promote your IT management company with custom designs that show off your industry. There may be some inside jokes on the t-shirts, and adding your company logo shows it off. T-Shirts work great when you are hosting a golf tournament and need a lovely giveaway Northwest Custom Apparel has a dedicated art staff that can assist you with your next nerdy shirt.

I love Nerds shirt
Here is a fun t-shirt design for your IT Services Company