Tips to Fundraising with Embroidered Apparel


Fundraising using custom apparel

Fundraising is very straightforward. You create a product for your client, the customer brings in supporters who buy the product, and give you a portion of the funds back to the client to support their organization or cause.

How over earning a fundraising clients business is trickier than it might appear. The fact of the matter is that the word to use can have a huge impact on whether or not they choose to go with your printing services
The most popular phrases are using fundraising to go she Asian’s. Each phrase has it’s merits, but there’s actually a best choice. Which one do you use ?
Fundraising Emblems

Flat fixed amount

If it’s amount keeps things simple, and it’s easy way to organize a campaign if your customers fundraising with just one product. But let’s be honest how often does that happen?
Percentage of profits
Using the word profits clears up the confusion that proceeds percentage. But unfortunately, profits has its own issues.
Your client wants to know that you’re on their side. In addition the word profits as a key term can leave a bad taste in their mouth, making them feel like they’re using their cost to fill your piggy bank. Instead, you want to keep the focus on the cause itself.

Percentage of sales

This phrase works in about every situation. Why? Because it satisfies a key marking principal
The marketing principle is fear, uncertainty, and doubt. It’s the idea that we as humans tend to stray away from decisions where there is beer comments or beanie, or doubt in the outcome
In the case of fundraising, if your customer is uncertain about how much of a purchase will support their cause, they are more likely to avoid working with you. Percentage of sales clears away that and certainty and avoids making negative associations in the mind of the buyer. And bonus, it’s the easiest metric to track and manage when it comes to distributing funds

Want to make your fundraising process even easier?

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