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Tips to help you succeed in starting a T-shirt business


Starting a t-shirt business is an amazing experience and you are going to have lot of personal growth as well as business and financial growth if you stay with it. The following are 10 tips to help you succeed in starting a t-shirt business.


Without passion you aren’t going to get through the tough times and continue on. This isn’t like a 9 to 5 where you get paid for the time you put in. You are going to put in hours upon hours of work without seeing any return in the beginning. You are going to do this because you are passionate and you’re following your dream and you will do anything to make your t-shirt business a success.

websiteHave a professional website

Your website is very important to your long term success. You need to have a professional website or else no one will take you seriously. No one wants to buy from a website that they don’t trust.

Find an awesome screen printer

Check out our recommended printer and they will help you make some awesome shirts. When you are confident about your product you are going to be able to sell them better. If you have a product that is just okay your salesmanship is going to suffer. You really need to believe in your product.

Plan everything and do your research

You are doing that right now! Planning and researching is such a crucial part to starting a clothing company. Check out your competitors, see if anyone is doing what you want to do. There are a lot of questions that need answered and planning and researching your t-shirt company is necessary for success. Also if you don’t make plans and goals it’s like leaving on a trip without a map. It’s going to be very hard to get to the destination if you don’t know how to get there.

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Know your market and customer

Knowing your market and your customer is a must. A lot of people believe they have a brilliant idea but they don’t connect with their market. No matter how much you want to go and do your own thing you need to remember you need a customer to sell to. You can’t sell products to everyone. You need to define your market and go after your niche in the market place. You need to produce products that are unique. If you know your customer and can reach them and get them what they want you will be successful, simple as that.

Know your finances

Keep all of your business expenses on the same bank account and credit card. Use Quick Books to help manage your books. Quick books online is great because it automatically updates your books with the data from your bank accounts. If you are already running Mint it will import all of those accounts to.

Advertise and Market your t-shirt business

My best successes have come from word of mouth advertising. The best part about this advertising is it’s free. You connect to them and they will let all of their followers know. You can also connect directly with your customer through facebook, pinterest, twitter, instagram, and email lists. Create a blog and write about what your customers are interested in. Fine tune your website with search engine optimization and get some google traffic to your site.


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