Tips on how to make your t-shirts look awesome

To be successful in the online business jungle, where socks-delivered-to-your-door services are now a thing, you need to make yourself stand out. This usually means to offer something different from what everyone else is doing. We already mentioned a good quality garment, but now we’re going to talk about design which is just as important. Luckily for you, as a photographer you’ll be able to develop your own style which will set you apart from the rest.

classic-photographer-white-t-shirtBe authentic

Sometimes being authentic is more important than being original. The difference being that when you’re authentic, you’re honest to your real voice. Being original is just creating something different and when creatives do it just for the sake of it, the result can often be plain. If you’re loyal to your message then it will resonate with your clients.

Select the right printing technique

If you’ve contacted a trustworthy printer then they will be able to advice you and you shouldn’t worry too much about it, but still, you need to know what’s right for you. If you’re printing high quality photos (as you should) then the correct technique will be DTG (direct to garment) which will replicate all of the colours and details with fidelity.

forty-sixt-photo-t-shirtsDo some mockups

A mockup or a template will give you an idea of what the end product will look like. Subscribe to our t-shirt blog to get a set of entirely free mockups or visit one of our most famous articles where you’ll find over a 100 t-shirt templates.

Get some feedback

Before you go into production, get some feedback on your designs. Create some mockups using a template and share them to get some thoughts on it. To receive honest comments, reach strangers on the internet for their opinion. Your friends and family have your best interest in mind, which is why they might not be the best people to approach for this task. Try social media and forums for truthful information.

Final Words

Having a t-shirt selling business may not be for everyone, but it’s still an interesting venture for any creative to visit if they want to find new ways to make a profit out of their artwork. Remember to document yourself before committing to any particular online-selling platform, double check your designs before going into production and whatever you do, be authentic.