Tips to selling Poplin, Denim, Shorts and Bags with Custom Imprints

? Poplin and Denim — Made of woven fabric, often twill, these shirts are usually styled with button-down collars, front buttons, buttoned cuffs and pockets. Styling variations range from solid colors (in the overwhelming majority of the category) to pinstripes, contrasting collars and cuffs, and other detail enhancements. Nearly all denim and poplin garments are decorated with embroidery. When first introduced into the industry in the 1970s, denim shirts were called “prison shirts!”

? Shorts — Made in fabrics from jersey knit, fleece, and nylon to moisture-wicking and polyester mesh, shorts come in a huge variety of colors and styles for applications ranging from pure leisurewear to athletics use and everything in-between.

? Bags — If you can imagine it, it’s been made — and it’s probably a stock item. Roll bags (also called barrel bags and gym bags), tote bags with and without gussets (the bottom flair that adds capacity), garment bags, fanny packs, backpacks, “manbags,” diaper bags, and scores of other more esoteric varieties are easily screen printed, heat printed, and embroidered. Each style presents tremendous opportunities for added profits. Colors of every imaginable hue and combination, sizes from a few inches to superlarge equipment bags, and a wide variety of trims are the hallmarks of the category. From $1 items to high-ticket specialty gear, bags also can be custom manufactured for clients who demand specially designed pockets, special closures, and other specified features for surprisingly affordable prices.

Thank you Mark Venit for your years of consulting services at Northwest Custom Apparel