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Top mistakes in Ecommerce Website Design


splash-pageSplash Page

A splash page is the landing page of your site where it has a flash animation or just text that says “Enter”. It’s basically another step users have to go through to get to the website they actually want to go to. They don’t want to watch your intro every time they go to your site. If you annoy a user enough they will just leave your site. Your landing page will probably have your highest page rank so having little content like text that says enter or an intro video will do little to get you hits from search engines.

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Header is too big

In web design we use a term called above the scroll. This refers to all the information the user can see without scrolling down. You want to use this area for your important content. When you have a huge header it makes the user scroll down every page to get to the content they are looking for. Use your space wisely and make sure your important content is above the scroll.

Product pictures are too small

There are a lot of e-commerce systems out there and default themes for shops that make the product pics so small. If you are selling a shirt the images are more important than your description and should take up most of the space on the product page. Make your product pics big!


There are tons of problems with typography on the web. Your text must be easy to read if you want someone to read it. One problem seen a lot is the text color doesn’t have enough contrast with the background. By the way the most readable text is black text on a white background. According to a classic rule of Web typography, 55 to 75 is an optimal number of characters per line. Having too many characters makes the user forget what line they are one when they go to the next line of type.

Music auto playing on site

Don’t do it! Don’t annoy the customer and make them listen to something they don’t want to. If you want music make it so the user has to click the play button.


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