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Traditional Advertising Still Works


Decosource and NW Custom Apparel still use traditional advertising.

On line mobile and other forms of digital forms of advertising are on the minds of all marketers today.  Small screen and embroidery companies are at their wits end because of the reach of digital marketing. Terms like search engine optimization, blogging, and e-mail blasts are the now norm.

But even if these forms of marketing are the current craze don’t forget the traditional way of advertising think of print, radio, and direct mail which have a important role to play in attracting customers. In fact it can prove to be more valuable than digital advertising in some cases.

Customers like and trust traditional advertising.  They are more inclined to pay attention to a direct mail piece rather than a spam e-mail. Spam has proved not to be trustworthy because of all the schemes concocted on the internet. Spam may be less expensive but it is actually counter productive. The volume of spam messages is horrible.  How many of these messages are backed up by a credible company selling the advertised product. Do you read spam?

On-line pop up ads are despised. Marketers have found a way to track you on the web and continually bombard you with offers that are simply annoying. Time to clean out your cookies on your computer. They know who you are.

Decosource likes and uses direct mail. We use it to promote our direct to garment printing.

A direct mail piece to someone who recognizes your name or brand will actually get more attention than a spam e-mail. Consumers actually pay attention to a radio, TV or direct mail piece if you have done your job promoting your brand with your customer.

Direct mail is not intrusive. Your customer or prospect actually invites you into their decision making circle. Your retention rate is much higher because the prospect can save the piece until it is needed. Try and remember a on line e-mail ad. Prospects can look at your ad at their convenience.

If you want customers to visit your web site you should invite them to come in via your direct mail piece. Getting visitors to a web site is very difficult if you are a small company with a limited budget.  A direct mail or print piece is a actually invitation to come in and become a real prospect.

In summary don’t forget print advertising. It has worked for Deocsource and Northwest Embroidery for 40 plus years. These companies use this form of adverting to reach the traditional customer who is not that computer literate.




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