Troop 525 recognizes the inaugural ‘class’ of female Eagle Scouts


Allie is the name of our upcoming Troop 525 female Eagle Scout.  She’ll be in the inaugural ‘class’ of female Eagles who will all be recognized in February 2021.

Some topics can include:

–    BSA Bankruptcy

–    Girls in BSA … separate Troops 

–    Youth Protection Training

–    Local community service projects and events

–    Scouting during the pandemic 

–    The history of Rotary International and BSA

and more.

Here are some more suggested comments / questions:

How ‘family friendly’ has Scouting become through the years ?

Every Troop has had at least one backpack outing with a cast iron pan being brought along … usually by the smallest, newest Scout.  

The one I remember was discovered about 1/3 of a mile down the trail.  It was ‘left’ behind a tree to be recovered on the hike back out.

That was probably the same hike where our Scoutmaster seriously gathered all the boys together upon arrival at the wilderness destination … to have a brief explanation, demonstration and outdoor etiquette talk about cat holes.

Who knows what the #1 overnight hike meal is these days ?

And then … there’s summer camp.  Ever dine with a group of young men who thought that chugging tobasco sauce would be a good competition ?

Not all Scoutmasters are dietary genius’s … but you can probably understand why chili was ‘banned’ from our Scout Troop.

Who knows someone who attended the once popular Scout Camp located right here in Federal Way ?

Who has some history / stories of that place ?

Has anyone had a life-saving experience involving a Scout ?

Who knows when the first female Eagle Scout will be recognized ?

What popular song … has royalties paid to the BSA ?   Who wrote the song ?  Who made it a national ‘hit’ ?

How many Presidents have been Eagle Scouts ?

How many astronauts have been Scouts or Eagle Scouts ?

Which two friends, from the same era and even the same city … were instrumental in founding both Rotary and BSA ?

What unique type of charter does BSA hold ?

Who can name 4 of the programs that make up the BSA?   6 of the programs ?  8 ?  10  ?

How many camps does BSA ‘own’ ?

Who can describe YPT (youth protection training) ?   How does this compare with Rotarians YPT ?

At what age can a youth begin their Scouting ‘career’ ?   When does Scouting end ?  (as a youth)

What’s the current BSA bankruptcy all about ?

Who knows what JOTI / JOTA is ?   And when ?

What does the military offer for Eagle Scouts ?

Who ‘owns’ the Scouting program ?

What was Mafeking ?   

What adult training program is considered by many corporations to be an MBA quality experience ?

How can a youth find a local Scout unit to join ?

How many different programs, activities, events or volunteer opportunities are there every year associated with the Washington State Fair ?

What can adults do to be supportive of youth programs like BSA ?

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