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Reasons Why We Love Trucker Hats in Seattle

We love trucker caps in Seattle because they are stylish, breathable, and protect against sunlight’s burning rays. According to Northwest Custom Apparel’s inventory records, trucker caps have been an all-time favorite and number-one seller for many years.

The mesh backing ensures cooling and breathability during Seattle’s summer.  Cap expert and Operations Manager Erik Mickelson, likes how trucker caps are made from 100% cotton. Because the front panel is a constructed twill, it makes embroidery easy. Unlike cotton caps that make you sweat, the trucker is 100% polyester mesh and breathable. Furthermore, the snap-back closure is strong, comfortable, and looks great.

The most popular trucker cap style numbers are the Richardson style 112 and the Port Authority style C112. Operations Manager Erik Mickelson frequently runs inventory reports from his inventory system, Shopworks. Moreover, Shopworks continually reports that style 112 has sold over 25,000 caps, and style C112 comes in second with 15,000 caps sold. Above all, this is why the 112 and C112 are the top-selling cap styles in Seattle.

Trucker Cap with Leather Patch
Custom Leather Patch on the Trucker Cap

Embroidery patches or leather patches Custom Patches pair well with Trucker caps

Faux Leather Patch – Provide a rustic, upscale look for any brand with animal-free faux leather patches. Available in heat-applied or pressure-sensitive backing, create finely detailed, laser-etched custom logos that are easy to apply and safe for washing!

Black Trucker Cap with a sublimated patch
Leather Patched Trucker Caps are perfect for Seattle weather.

Sublimated/print Patch – Print Stitch Patches blend two of the most popular decoration methods to achieve a remarkable effect in just one custom patch. These high-end, specialty patches combine embroidery and sublimation for a full-color, photo-realistic finish that offers the texture and dimension of traditional stitching. Add value to apparel and hard goods with Print Stitch Patches, available as heat-applied transfers or pressure-sensitive stickers.

History of the Trucker Cap in the Movies

Smokey and the Bandit was the biggest movie of 1977 that launched the trucker cap around the US. Jerry Reed and Burt Reynolds were paired together in this classic Southern comedy. It was about a trucker named Cletus Snow that was challenged to haul over 250 cases of Coors beer from Texas to Georgia in 28 hours or less. The show’s star was Bandit, played by Burt Reynolds, and he was to block the police in his black 1977 Trans am.

Jerry Reed Wears a “Caterpillar Patch Cap” in the movie.

Jerry Reed, aka Snowman, wore a black trucker cap with an embroidered Caterpillar tractor patch emblazoned on the front. The patch had the word CAT in black stitching, and the background was caterpillar Yellow. Coupled with black merrow stitching around the patch. Snowman wore the CAT trucker cap throughout the entire movie. Despite Snowman’s curly hair, he never took the CAT trucker cap off. Some memorable scenes of Snowman and the CAT cap were the unveiling of Bandits’ new 1977 black Transam. This is the first time the audience sees the CAT trucker cap on Snowman.

Jerry Reed “Snowman” gets his CAT trucker cap knocked off

On the other hand, in one short bar fight scene. Snowman walks into a bar and talks some trash to the bikers. As a result, Snowman loses his CAT trucker cap after the biker punches him in the face. Snowman is upset and runs his semi-truck over the biker’s motorcyles.

Erik recommends watching Smokey and the Bandit.

The movie ends, and you can still see Snowman wearing this iconic CAT trucker cap as they drive off in the Cadillac. Smokey and the Bandit is a Universal Studios movie from 1977. In conclusion, we recommend you watch it to see more scenes with the Snowman’s trucker cap.

Erik and Jim visit a Smokey and the Bandit Filming Location.

On Youtube, we recommend you follow Erik Mickelson, Northwest Custom Apparel’s Operations Manager. In 2013 Erik visited the Smokey and Bandit bridge jump filming location. Erik and his dad Jim Mickelson, owner of Northwest Custom Apparel, visited Flint River, Georgia, to video the scene where the Bandit jumps the bridge with Frog in the 1977 TransAm. Despite the many years since the movie, the bridge posts still stand.


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