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The Two-step Process for Launching Your T-shirt Brand


The Simple Two-Step Process to Start a T-shirt Brand

Basically there are two stages to the process. First you need to create your design; then you need to get that design onto your garment.

launching-a-clothing-brandWhen you’re creating a design, first of all you need to consider who your brand caters for, who it’s marketed towards. Who do you want to buy your clothing? Male or female, young or old, students, skaters, hipsters, sports fans, or any and everyone?

Even within the same demographic, individual tastes and style can vary widely.

Will your design be simple or complex, subtle or eye-catching. Will there be lettering, a slogan, quote, humour or politics? Most t-shirts are in effect a lifestyle statement, so what statement are you making?

And the quality of your material is absolutely essential. This, more than anything, depends on your budget.

T-shirts are an item of casual-wear, they’re not formal, so therefore so you’re not really restricted in anyway when creating your ideas. You’re only limit is your imagination.

As a self-confessed t-shirt addict, taking a peek through my own wears, I mostly bought t-shirts because I love the artwork, logo, or slogan/quote. But it’s a combination of the design and the material.

Relay For Life T-ShirtsDesign done… What about printing?

Now you’ve got your design, how do you get it on to the t-shirt? In all likelihood, you’ll be going for 100% cotton. If that’s the case, then standard screen printing will absolutely suffice.

Screen printing (also known as silk-screening) is a method which allows you to get your graphic on to a t-shirt. Better for graphics with just one or two colours, it’s the best option if you’re producing in bulk and want large quantities.

DTG (Direct to Garment, or sometimes Inkjet) printing is a newer technique than screen printing. This is used when you want your fabric to directly absorb the ink, so it becomes part of the shirt. A better option when using multiple colours.

The market is saturated, competition is huge but so is demand, and that demand is never ending. But have that passion for perfection, and there’s room for you to succeed if you do it right.


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