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The Ultimate Checklist for Planning The Perfect Party


Party planning is no easy task. While it can definitely be a fun one, there’s a reason that such a thing as a professional party planner exists. Sometimes, figuring out what you need to do to pull of the perfect bash can seem a bit overwhelming.

perfect-party-checklistThings You Must Check a Few Weeks Before

First of all, you’ll need to answer one very simple question: how big do you want your party to be? That’ll help you figure out what the exact type of party you’re planning. Of course, size isn’t everything – so when you’re thinking about how big your party is, you’ll also want to take into account another really important consideration: budget. It would be nice to have an unlimited budget, but sadly that isn’t the case for most people. You might find that your budget helps you figure out how big your party can realistically be.

how-to-plan-a-partyNext steps

Choose a theme if you like. Not every party has to have one, but a well-chosen concept can make a party a lot of fun! You could make your music, food and decorations all fall under the same conceptual umbrella. Your topic could be something related to a holiday or current event, or perhaps you’re throwing a party for a special occasion such as a birthday or anniversary.

party-planningGetting closer: Make Sure You Don’t Forget Any of This

As the date nears, you’ll want to start shopping for the supplies you’ll need, including decorations, practical things like cutlery and napkins, and food and drinks. If you can buy stuff ahead of time, you’ll be relieved about it as the party date gets nearer and you get busier. Don’t forget to get supplies to clean up (extra trash bags, paper towels and sponges all come in handy).

party-planA few days before

Clean up and decorate your party location. Decorating is optional, cleaning really isn’t! You want things to look nice for your guests. Do you have enough of everything – chairs, glasses, cutlery, food, etc.? Do a count of what you have on hand to make sure you won’t get caught short. Consider letting your neighbors know you’re having a party. They might like to be prepared ahead of time. If you have especially nice neighbors, you might even consider inviting them!

Christmas_Party-e1353364459874The day of party

Do a last-minute tidy of the location. Get your trash cans ready to go, and make sure they’ll be easy for guests to find. Set up the tables and chairs and add flower arrangements, if you need to. Finish up any cooking if you still have things left to do. Plate your food in the serving dishes and start setting out food and drink. Don’t forget plates, cutlery, glasses and napkins.

The Last Stop

Relax and enjoy your party! The main point of a party is to have a good time, so don’t get too caught up in hoping everything will go perfectly. Even if things don’t go exactly to plan, your guests will probably have a great time anyway.


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