Unlocking the Power of DTG T-Shirt Printing

DTG T-Shirt Printing

DTG T-Shirt Printing:

In the dynamic world of garment customization, DTG (Direct-to-Garment) T-shirt printing has emerged as a game-changer, offering unparalleled quality and versatility. As the demand for personalized apparel continues to rise, understanding the intricacies of DTG printing becomes crucial for businesses and individuals alike.

Evolution of T-shirt Printing

In the not-so-distant past, traditional printing methods like screen printing dominated the garment industry. However, the advent of DTG printing marked a significant shift. Unlike its predecessors, DTG printing allows for the direct application of intricate designs onto garments, eliminating the need for multiple layers and templates.

How DTG Printing Works

At the heart of DTG printing is a sophisticated process that involves specialized inks and cutting-edge technology. Unlike traditional methods that may compromise on detail, DTG printers precisely apply ink directly to the fabric, resulting in vivid, high-resolution designs.

Benefits of DTG Printing

The advantages of DTG printing are multifaceted. Not only does it enable the creation of detailed and vibrant designs, but it also proves cost-effective for small batches. Additionally, the environmentally friendly nature of DTG printing and Nw Custom Apparel aligns with the growing trend towards sustainable practices in the industry.

Choosing the Right DTG Printer

Selecting the appropriate DTG printer is pivotal for achieving optimal results. Factors such as print speed, color accuracy, and maintenance requirements should be carefully considered. Brands like Epson and Brother have established themselves as reliable choices in the market.

Preparing Artwork for DTG Printing

To harness the full potential of DTG printing, it’s crucial to prepare artwork thoughtfully. High-resolution images and proper file formats are imperative to ensure the printer accurately reproduces the intended design.

Best Practices for DTG Printing

Achieving consistent and high-quality results with DTG printing involves adhering to best practices. Proper pre-treatment of garments, precise curing techniques, and regular maintenance of the DTG printer are key elements in this process.

Applications of DTG Printing

The versatility of DTG printing extends to various applications. From creating customized apparel for businesses to offering personalized gifts and merchandise, the possibilities are vast. Artists and designers also find a canvas in DTG printing for their creative expressions.

Challenges in DTG Printing

While DTG printing has revolutionized the industry, it’s not without challenges. Achieving accurate color matching and adapting to different fabric types present ongoing considerations for businesses utilizing this technology.

Future Trends in DTG Printing

As technology continues to evolve, so does DTG printing. The integration of augmented reality, ongoing advancements in printer capabilities, and a focus on sustainable practices are shaping the future of this dynamic industry.

Comparative Analysis with Other Printing Methods

To truly appreciate the significance of DTG printing, a comparison with other methods like screen printing and heat transfer is essential. Understanding the strengths and weaknesses of each method aids in informed decision-making.

Customer Testimonials

Positive feedback from businesses and individuals who have experienced the benefits of DTG printing firsthand adds credibility to the narrative. Real-world testimonials underscore the practical advantages of this printing method.

Common Misconceptions about DTG Printing

Addressing misconceptions and clarifying facts is crucial for potential users. Dispelling myths ensures that businesses and individuals make informed choices when considering DTG printing for their customization needs.


In conclusion, DTG T-shirt printing stands as a revolutionary force in the world of garment customization. Its ability to deliver intricate designs, cost-effective solutions, and environmentally friendly practices positions it as a cornerstone for businesses and individuals seeking personalized apparel.

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Antonio Massey

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Antonio Massey recently joined NWCA in June of 2022. His role on the Production Team has greatly improved our processes and productivity. Antonio is always willing to lift heavy boxes or help his co-workers during busy times. In his free time, he enjoys playing with his dog and mastering video games.


Alicia Wada

Shipping Clerk

Alicia Wada is passionate about helping her co-workers at Northwest Custom Apparel in any way that she can. She works in our Shipping and Logistics department. Alicia, who goes by Ali, has a bachelor’s degree in Applied Mathematics. She lived in Japan for ten years and recently brought her family to America in 2019. She is interested in learning crafts and textile art from around the world.


Erik Mickelson


Erik Mickelson’s position as Manager is more than a job, it’s a passion. It’s always fun and exciting because he enjoys marketing, computers, and coming up with innovative ideas to help NWCA grow. He majored in accounting and finance at Washington State University, graduating in 1996, and returned to school to obtain his Master of Business from WGU, graduating in 2016. Erik continually strives to advance his education through podcasts, audiobooks, and industry tradeshows. He is married to a remarkable and caring wife named Wendy, a Registered Nurse, with whom he shares his many hobbies and a love for the outdoors.



Ruth Nhoung

Production Manager

Ruth Nhoung is our Production Manager and Northwest Custom Apparel is lucky to have her. Thanks to her vast knowledge of machine embroidery and dedication to creating a comfortable and supportive work environment, the production plant runs smoothly and customers are pleased with our work. She is a loving mother and grandmother and enjoys spending quality time with her siblings. She says, “I love everything about Northwest Custom Apparel: the people, the atmosphere, the work, and the customers. I love what I do and I embrace all of NWCA’s core values”.


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Art Director

Steve Deland has been our amazing Artist since 2017. He loves working at Northwest Custom Apparel because he appreciates the goal-oriented, progressive-thinking management style. He is most passionate about his art, which includes scroll saw woodwork, and his five grandchildren.



Taylar Hanson


Taylar Hanson is a highly acclaimed Saleswoman at Northwest Custom Apparel. She has a BA in Apparel, Merchandising, Design, and Textiles from Washington State University. “Go Cougs!” The best part of Taylar’s job is getting to work with longtime customers who trust us to do the best work and take care of their needs. She is passionate about appreciating nature, traveling, and spending time with friends and family.


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Nika Lao is very knowledgeable in how the business is ran because she began as an Embroidery Machine Operator and has worked hard to become the excellent and personable saleswoman she is today. She enjoys the stress-free environment and the many chances to connect with her co-workers over potlucks, BBQs, and bowling parties. Nika is a proud sister of two highly successful brothers and can boast mastering three languages herself: Khmer, Thai, and English. She is an avid camper, enjoys going to farmer markets, and loves cooking.


Bradley Wright


Bradley Wright has been a vital team member of NWCA since 2017. As our accountant and knower-of-all-things, Bradley is proud to work closely with his wonderful colleagues. He studied at the University of Washington. These days he dedicates his free time to his new house.


Dominic Nguyen

DTG Operator

Dominic Nguyen recently joined our Direct-To-Garment department. He says he loves the family work environment at Northwest Custom Apparel. In his free time, Dom likes to listen to music, hangout with friends, and play video games. He comes from a very big family which can be very chaotic at times, but is always exciting.


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Production Team: Trimmer

Sothea Tann recently joined the Production Team in 2022. She finds Northwest Custom Apparel to be a good working environment with helpful and friendly staff. In her free time, Sothea spends quality time with her family and, overall, focuses on a peaceful and happy lifestyle.


Brian Beardsley

DTG Supervisor

Brian Beardsley has been with Northwest Custom Apparel since 2018. He is our DTG Supervisor. Brian loves that he gets to work with high-tech machines in a fun atmosphere. He has a bachelor’s degree in Graphic Design. He said, “I always wanted to create visually interesting assets in a variety of mediums”. In his free time, he enjoys building and painting models, playing video games, designing, and playing his guitar.


UT Tri Tran

Embroidery Machine Operator

UT Tri Tran loves Northwest Custom Apparel so much that, although she has already retired after a long career in machine embroidery operations, she is happy to return part time. She says, “I love the family style work environment and how everyone shares food, laughter, and fun on a regular basis.” In her free time she is dedicated to living a healthy and peaceful lifestyle with her friends and family.



Embroidery Machine Operator

BunsereytheavyHoeu, who goes by Theavy, won our Operator of the Year in 2021. She takes on many roles in the production team. She says, “These are not my co-workers, these are my family! I cherish all the memories we make together”. When she goes home to be with her family, she makes the most of her time with them by holding family get-togethers and even karaoke competitions.


Sreynai Meang

Embroidery Machine Operator

SreynaiMeang is a hard-working Machine Operator. She is most passionate about helping people. Sreynai, who goes by Nai, likes to exercise in her free time and talk with her family in Cambodia.


Kanha Chhorn

Embroidery Machine Operator

Kanha Chhorn has been an Embroidery Operator with Northwest Custom Apparel since 2018. She is delightful and always makes everyone smile and laugh. Kanha takes on additional tasks that allow us to exceed our customers’ expectations. In her free time, she can be found at her local temple or spending quality time with her family and friends.


Savy Som

Embroidery Machine Operator

SavySom is one of our Machine Operators who is passionate about embroidery and sewing. She enjoys working at NWCA because of its flexibility. She has two teenage sons and loves spending time with her family on the weekends.



Embroidery Machine Operator

SorphornSorm has been a Machine Operator since 2011. One of her four sisters works here as well. Her other relatives are in Cambodia. In her free time, Sorphorn studies English, listens to music, and enjoys exercising.


Jim Mickelson


Jim Mickelson, after a successful career with a major oil company, founded Northwest Embroidery in 1977. This was the first commercial embroidery in the Pacific Northwest. Over the years, Jim has become the guru of embroidery never refusing to answer a question or offer advice to his fellow embroiders. Jim and his wife Leeanna raised four wonderful children who went on to successful business careers.