Using A Character For Marketing

Using a Character, as we have here at Northwest Custom Apparel, Squatch can help a company in many ways. Squatch is a character that our artist Steve Deland made for marketing our products and services. Squatch gives clients a brand to look at as non-threatening and a do no wrong person, trust. Squatch gives people a reason to look since he is so happy about what is happening. Using a character can giving people a reason to pay attention due to being likable because this is just another person they have never met so there is no reason to not like him.

Squatch reputation is the most important to our brand. Have a sad or angry squatch does not make sense to our brand. He is happy to wear our Carhartt jackets or wear are embroidered hats. Squatch gives trust to viewers, show that the products that we have Squatch holding or wearing the product give trust to people that are worried about the quilty. Squatch is about trust due to his friendliness. I do believe that Squatch gives us the reminder of animated characters that we are used to when we were kids.

When we were kids we remember Saturday cartoons with Sonic the Hedgehog would deal with the evils and teach us from the right from wrong. Squatch, just like Sonic, shows us the right from wrong but more giving the answer. Squatch is more of the answer than the teacher. He is straight to the point and tells you that this is the best thing that has ever happen to the world. He is happy to introduce you the amazing things that we have. Animating the character was hard but easy to do if you get the hang of it. Just having a Squatch wave makes people happy that their friend is alive.


Use a character when you market.

Jonah Markwith