Water Bottle Stays Cold for 4.5 Hours

Testing the Everest Thermo Water Bottle

Our vendor sent us a new copper insulated water bottle for us to test. They claim it can keep drinks cold for 12 hours and hot beverages up to 24 hours. I was very skeptical at this claim, so I decided to test this for myself.


Filled bottle with my favorite cold drink

I tested this bottle with Propel, which is my favorite cold drink to keep me hydrated during the hot summers. I filled the water bottle up at 7:30 am this morning. The water was straight out of the fridge at an approximate temperature of 38 degrees.

How I tested the bottle

Today was a warm day for Seattle, so I decided to put the bottle on the dashboard of my Ford F150. I knew that it would be roasting inside my truck by noon time. I let the bottle sit and cook for 4.5 hours.

4.5 Hours Winner!

I went back to my truck at noon and opened the door to my hot truck and felt the blast of 95 degree heat. The water bottle was warm to the touch after baking on the dashboard. I thought for sure the water would be at least lukewarm. I cracked the top and took a sip and I couldn’t tell the difference in temperature from this morning. This wattle bottle is a proven winner. Icy Cold!

Where to purchase one

You can purchase this water bottle custom printed with your company’s logo on the side. This particular bottle has a 1 color print, which stands out on the black background. They are available at Northwest Custom Apparel in Milton, WA.  Give them a jingle and they will help you out. 800-851-3671

Style# VM3000 Everest