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The Wearing of Cool Band T-shirts


Types of band t-shirts

That being said, let’s take a look at some of the most famous types of band t-shirts.

nirvana-t-shirtThe Album cover

This one is self explanatory. Simply put, a t-shirt that features the cover of an album.

Even if someone doesn’t know Nirvana they would probably still recognize this image. That is how iconic this album is. The cover of In Utero was meant to reflect Kurt Cobain’s relationship with his and his band’s new found fame.

The Portrait

More typical for pop stars than rock bands. This type of band t-shirt features a portrait or a full-body shot of the frontman or entire band.

This The Who t-shirt features frontman Roger Daltrey during a live performance. A nice break from the usual posed photo shoot picture.

metallica-world-tourThe Tour Souvenir

King of souvenirs, the tour t-shirt is the t-shirt that’s designed to be sold during a concert tour. Usually overpriced, they tend to feature the concert dates on the back.

The Rolling Stones (or their marketing team) decided to shake up the formula a little bit and print the cities on the front of this t-shirt for their 2013 tour.

The Logo t-shirt

When bands get to a certain point of fame, they stop being musical acts and become brands and that includes its very own logo and slogan. This t-shirt features just that, the band’s logo which can either be a graphical representation of the name or a different icon they may have chosen to represent themselves.

This AC/DC t-shirt is as classic as it can be. As one of the most popular band tees ever, this one sits in most rock fans’ wardrobes.

The Band Mascot

A mascot is a virtual spokesperson for an brand or group. They’re sometimes believed to bring luck and give a face to an otherwise soulless organisation. In music, heavy metal bands have a history of mascots. They’re so alive, in fact, that they often have Twitter conversations with each other.

Eddie the Head is the famous mascot from heavy metal band Iron Maiden. The zombie has been featured on all of the band’s album covers, countless merchandise and is about to star in his very own video game.


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