What Is A Great Idea


What defines a great idea? I don’t think anyone knows what is a great idea until they really try something new and unknown to others. Sometimes it fails and sometimes it doesn’t. This is known to all of us that failing just happens. Let focuses on how to get the idea itself by using methods that are well known or may be different.

The ways that we come up with ideas, involving marketing, usually a sale or a special offering to play off of. Sometimes the idea itself is already a marketing idea or we need to think of different ways to present it. I try to make everything that is marketed relatable as possible, taking things from the past to make it relevant as possible. We are in the times that relatable is the most marketable. We have people like social media personalities that rack over millions of viewing at every aspect of there personality from following them in every platform. They do so by using their personality and sometimes their frequent iteration.

The ways to be relatable is by thinking of things that were common like a saying or media that was popular. For example, we made a video advertising beanies using an 80 ‘feature to make it relatable. It makes people think, “I remember those commercials.” They will remember in the future the creative content and possible look in more. The content we strive for is the everyday person. We know that everyone is different in there own way but we know that people, statically, remember similar media during there time. Us yourself in your expenses to market.

You as a person related to thousands of people every day. Us what you think relates to others to make something that is bigger than yourself. Challenge yourself befor you idea to think of what people relate the most with.


By, Jonah Markwith


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