What your showroom should be?

For all the businesses that operate in the real  world, the purpose of this blog isn’t to tell you what a showroom is, but to tell you what it should be.

Position your Business

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First and foremost, your decorated apparel showroom, which will display mostly undecorated apparel, should appear lo the first-time visitor as an immediate confirmation of your company’s marketing position, its identity, and everything else good that you want people to know about your company. Indeed first impressions are lasting ones.

Secondly, your showroom should inspire the visitor to have confidence in your professionalism. How so?

Your showroom should say to someone the same thing a well-organized, neat, clean, attractive showroom says to a prospective buyer. Simply put: You’re in the right place, you’ll find helpful, knowledgeable people to help you, and you’ll be able to get everything you need right here! You’ll also get competitive prices, ample selection, and when you’re finished with the project, you’ll love the results!


SUN68 MI - Negozio in viale Gorizia 30 a Milano - progetto Studio CP Architetti (Luca Cuzzolin ed Elena Pedrina)

Does your showroom tell your story?

Does your showroom tell your story accurately, attractively, and present your company as neat, clean, efficient, friendly, up-to-date, and accommodating? Does your showroom inspire confidence in your professionalism?

As for neat and clean, you might wonder why that even needs to be mentioned here. While many companies take great pride and devote great effort to keeping their showrooms attractive and up-to-date, the majority of showrooms in our industry leave much to be desired, especially when it comes to neatness and cleanliness. The way showrooms atrophy and become dirty is a result of being taken for granted by owners and staff who get used to how the place looks and don’t take the initiative to freshen or clean it. If reading this comment causes you to think about the current condition of your showroom, you obviously need to pay some attention to this vital element of your company’s persona. It ain’t rocket science to get it up to speed and up to snuff, is it? Of course, you could also invite some of your good friends, employees, and customers to tell you what you need to hear in terms of observations, suggestions, and ideas.