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Why should we hire a model?


Having great images that promote your garments is no longer optional. Online content is heavily visual, posts with relevant images get 94% more views than those without. Simply put, you’ll need to have top-notch images if you want your brand to stand out.

When it comes to promotional images you have several options:

637165_oldroyal_model_front_122014Shooting a campaign without models

You can also just hire a photographer and work with them to shoot some decent photos of your tees by themselves. One look that’s popular right now is to have the shirts shown on a simple but stylish hanger placed in front of a white or brick wall.. You’ve seen them, they’re very Pinterest friendly.

The good: They’re trending

The bad: There’s a lot of competition. Unless you figure out a way to make it unique, you won’t stand out.

Using stock images of models

There are lots of these pre-made images available that you can basically just upload your design to, and it’ll appear on the image. The very best ones look like real photos of your shirts. Some of them are just a shirt, while others are shown on models.

The good: They’re cheap and sometimes even free

The bad: They’re generic and don’t have almost any creative control over them

distressed logo

Shooting a campaign with models

Having a model wear your products can ensure you display your products in a way you think will be appealing to customers. A good model will know just how to make your T-shirt look the very best.

The good: Photos of a hand-picked model wearing your tees, translate to unique images that were created just for your brand — and only your brand. Also, professional images can go a long way towards establishing your brand as one to take seriously. We don’t mean that your photos have to have a serious tone; we’re talking about high-quality that lets customers know you’ve got a real brand and aren’t just selling tees out of your garage.

The bad: It can get expensive, since you not only need to hire a model but also the equipment for the photoshoot (camera, lights, etc…). Also, as with any sort of team work, the more people you ad to the mix, the more complicated things tend to get.


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